Emily’s paintings delight in capturing moments of the mundane, of taking a sideways glance at the familiar and of celebrating the joy and oddness of everyday life. In Galleries 1, 2 & 3 her paintings are a direct, physical, sensual and emotional response to her children as she studies them discovering their own world and engaging with her. However, they are not sentimental portraits.

They are tender, powerful, true responses to two small people: images that are exploring the bond between artist and subject, mother and child.

In Galleries 4, 5 & 6 we see this fascination and time spent observing her children continuing on into the subject of swimming. Her children began learning to swim and Emily sat by side of the pool drawing while she waited. This weekly ritual soon became so absorbing and challenging that big paintings needed to be made. So from these small beginnings, and the curiosity generated from trying to capture the constantly moving, changing sensory and visual experience, there is now a large and significant body of work.

During the last four years Emily’s versatility, courage and passion as a painter has grown, along with her confidence.